June 2006
Patrick wrecked his bike downtown, earning himself a black eye with stitches and a busted hand. Luckily, our man Brandon saw it all go down and drove YP to the hospital in his truck. He'll be better in time for Fort Reno.

We’ve finally gotten rid of our last round of ill-fitting tshirts. New, better quality shirts are in the works. Anybody that paid for a Citygoats ghetto-gown gets a new shirt courtesy of Matt Brown.

May 2006
Our site is live after a stretch of inactivity. Thanks to Alkem for helping us out.

Citygoats are cranking it up again after taking some down time. Joe spent a few strange months singing and touring with the Apes. Good times were had. Here’s a poorly lit clip from a DC show in December.

We’ve got some shows lined up for summer and some new songs in our set. More to come in both categories.