mike    sebastian
Tenor & Soprano sax / bass clarinet:
Mike has been playing reed instruments for decades. His passion to play grew when he first heard the spirituality of John Coltrane's music. Mike plays improvised experimental, jazz, rock, gospel, and any other type of music that encourages creativity. His experience includes playing in a gospel orchestra, as well as with various local improvisers. Mike played improvised music for dance with Jon Matis and Mark Merella at the DC Improv Festival. Highlights of his career have ranged from live performances with Greg Osby and Peter Kowald to Joe Lally. He regularly plays with T.A Zook in the group Lost Civilizations, and occasionally the DC Improvisers Collective.

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  • Music:

    Live at Sangha - August 14, 2004
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Daniel Barbiero, bass
    In Memory of Len Cohen
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Len Cohen, drums
    Funk Group
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Tim Shea, guitar; Alex, bass; Byron Bobo, drums; Don, congas
    Live at Good Hope Center May 2003
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Chuck Underwood, guitar; Mark Merella, drums
    Live at Sangha August 2004
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Dan Barbiero, bass
    Sebastian & Aldergice
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Dave Aldergice, drums
    DC Improvisers Collective - Live at Sangha 2/22/03
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Mark Merella, drums; Jonathan Matis (Morris), guitar
    DC Improvisers Collective - Here We Are
    Mike Sebastian, reeds; Jonathan Matis (Morris), guitar
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