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-World's Famous Supreme Team Show
"Cold Front: Smooth Jazz's Evolution Into 'Chill'"
August 2005
"Chill is seeping through America; it's as ubiquitous as it is innocuous, played in coffee shops, fashion boutiques and chic furniture outlets."
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Gilles Peterson is one of Britian's most influential DJs
December 2005
"If Giles Peterson's name is attached to a song. It's almost certain to be hot."
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"Young, Fresh & Clean"
Jazz inspired T-shirts click with today's young hipsters
June 2004
"Summertime is here, and it's time to get out that funky fresh gear and rock it like it's nobody's busy."
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"Revisiting the Vaults"
Blue Note digs deep to inspire electronica comp
June 2004
"Blue Note's 1970s catalog is something that many jazz purists loathe passionately, viewing it as a musically vapid period when commercial fads superseded artistic integrity."
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