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Get up on the down stroke...
-Parliment/ Funkedelic
"The Soul of a Child"
Washington City Paper
June 20-26, 2003
Review of Dwele, Subject
"Dwele sure knows how to play up that boho-sexy neo soul thing."
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"Trumpet Voluntary"
Washington City Paper
May 23-29 2003
Review of RH Factor, Hard Groove
Without making too much of a fuss about it Roy Hargrove has become an unofficial member of a Soulaquarians, this themed team of producers and artists responsible for some of the most soulful hip hop and R&B of recent times.
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"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
Washington City Paper
Review of Sade, Lovers Rock
"Remodeling without reinvention is one of the keys to success for most musical icons."
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